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Decolife Dynamics

A profound contemplation on the nature of time, NFTs that changes their art over time, drawing inspiration from scientific, philosophical, psychological, and cultural perspectives. Reflecting kaleidoscope of viewpoints, enriched by the vivid influences of street art, graffiti, and Decolife's unique abstraction/distortions. While exploring the profound questions of who we are, where we come from, and where our journey leads, from the rhythmic dance of seconds to the grand orchestration of years. This collection seamlessly weaves together the concepts of evolution, decay, punctuality, and efficiency, portraying time not merely as a measurement but as an opportunity. Experience the pulse of life, the perceived distances between places, and the ever-shifting rhythms of existence in this extraordinary exploration of time's multifaceted essence. 'Decolife Dynamics' is not just a collection; it's an immersive odyssey through the intricate threads that bind us to the past, present, and future.

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The Decolife Collection

'The Decolife Collection' is the first NFT collection by Decolife started in 2022. It is 1/1s made on iPad Procreate (new ones added until 500 unique NFTs to complete the collection) inspired by day to day life, mental health, street art, chess, moyu/rubik's cube, skulls, sacred geometry, science, homelessness, also contains versions of Decolife’s iconic Lions that he spray paint in the streets and the Full Abstract style of Decolife canvases that he exhibits in art galleries around the world since 2010. Throughout this collection it is evident the progress of his digital drawings, developing a technique and creating a new style in art.

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The Decolife Museum Collection

'The Decolife Museum' Creating a reinterpretation of masterpieces, Decolife gives a new face to artworks that shaped what we call art history today. Transformative artworks adding something new, distorting in his own style for further purposes. This collection is made of 100 unique 1/1 NFTs, no second edition. The Decolife Museum also includes artists’ portraits and general art history.

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Decolife on Fire Collection

The Decolife on Fire Collection are made of random inspirations that don't fit on other collections. All the (primary) NFT buyers on this collection receive the original sketch on paper and a pack of stickers.


Decolife White Lion Key

The Decolife 'White Lion Key' is a collection of 20 NFTs individually numbered that were airdropped to the early Decolife NFT collectors. The Whitelion Key NFTs function as a whitelist access for early drops and private listings. Accessing an exclusive channel in Discord (through collabland) White Lion Key holders receive the first insights on each drop, also having the option to purchase through private wallet reservation before the new NFTs go on public sale.

Check out the NFTs that Andre Decolife Collects:

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Find out more about Decolife Lions:

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